Al Zucaro appoints new editor in chief of BocaWatch

Al Zucaro Announced New Editor in Chief of BocaWatch Publication

Providing the citizens of Boca Raton with a platform their voices can be heard on is something Al Zucaro takes very seriously. As the publisher of BocaWatch, a community publication dedicated to protecting the area from overdevelopment, Zucaro has dedicated himself to keeping the residents informed.

The community has rallied behind BocaWatch and have positively responded to their presence in the area. Other residents who feel as strongly about safeguarding Boca’s future as Zuacro have also emerged to help run the organization. One of those residents, Andrea O’Rourke, has just been announced as the new Editor in Chief of BocaWatch.

Pictured: Andrea O'Rourke

Pictured: Andrea O’Rourke

As a longtime resident, Andrea has seen firsthand how Boca has transformed over the years. Her perspective on current happenings and dedication to spreading the messages of BocaWatch have made Andrea an invaluable asset to the publication. She provides a necessary balance for the other voices of BocaWatch.

Zucaro is sure that her level-minded and fair approach to presenting information about Boca Raton makes her the ideal choice to help steer BocaWatch in the right direction. She is constantly working to meet the organization’s goals of educating the people of Boca about the processes and activities of the local government.

“Andrea offers a historical perspective that will be very beneficial to the future of the platform.  Andrea will bring BocaWatch to the next level in informing and educating the residents of the activities of their local government,” said Al Zucaro in a press release.

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