Al Zucaro has made it is objective to help others, whether it is through his work as an immigration lawyer in Boca or as the publisher of his community watch organization.

Al Zucaro: A Call to Action

Al Zucaro’s entire existence has been devoted to helping others. Throughout his career as an immigration lawyer in Boca Raton, as well as his role as a community watch dog, Al Zucaro has helped improve the lives of countless individual’s right in his own community.

As transients courageously make their way to the “Land of the Free” looking to improve their standard of health, happiness, and wealth, Zucaro works diligently to protect their rights while on the road to citizenship. He does this by creating economic business opportunities that lead to jobs sought out by a myriad of eager emigrants wanting to enhance their quality of life.

He is also dedicated to providing the citizens of his community, Boca Raton – with the chance to have their voices really heard by the local government. By creating, and maintaining a community organization known as BocaWatch with dedicated individuals who share his vision – like Andrea and George O’Rourke amongst others – Al Zucaro continues to cultivate a podium where he and fellow supporters can influence or change the status quo.

Wholeheartedly, Zucaro’s being is like the fight between David and Goliath…one individual taking on a large bureaucracy of government and hoping for the best.

Self-Actualization Feels Good

When asked about his greatest achievement in his career as an immigration and criminal lawyer, Mr. Zucaro was quite modest finding it difficult to respond. He then bashfully began to recall upon a “feel good” moment.

“I had a delightful experience when approached by an individual at a local grocery market. Thanking me for the help and assistance I provided, which allowed him to stay in the country, he was able to acquire and secure a well paying job with the opportunity of advancement. Radiating through his smile, his deep appreciation for success in America provided by my personal guidance, generated an overwhelming feeling of admiration. THAT is what it’s all about, beyond rewarding!”

Al Zucaro: Community Publisher

Al Zucaro has continued to provide a voice for those in his community and the surrounding area. He is currently the publisher of BocaWatch, an organization that’s purpose is to inform, educate, and promote conversation regarding Boca Raton’s local government.

He works side by side with other Boca Raton residents to produce, edit and distribute valuable information about the local government. This organization helps the community fully understand what is currently being considered to vote on, allowing citizens to have a say about what’s happening in their own backyard.

In a way, this is an extension of what Zucaro has always done in and around Palm Beach County: help, educate, and speak up for the individual by implementing a platform for a voice in a shared community we aim to better together.