RINDGE, N.H. – February 6, 2016 – Franklin Pierce University is pleased to announce the appointment of Alfred Zucaro, Jr. to its Board of Trustees, the governing body of the institution.AlfredZucaro
Zucaro is one of south Florida’s leading voices on international trade and commerce, and has practiced immigration and nationality law in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County since 1986. Founder of the World Trade Center Palm Beach in 1999, Zucaro was named one of the most influential people in International Trade and Commerce by South Florida CEO magazine two years in a row. From March 1997 through November 2002, Mr. Zucaro served on the West Palm Beach City Commission, during which time he helped establish Palm Beach County as an international business destination. Zucaro is also a frequent speaker throughout Boca Raton and South Florida on the topics of international trade, immigration law and business development opportunities.
In 2015, Zucaro’s wife, Yvonne Boice, was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate from Franklin Pierce during the University’s 50th Commencement Ceremony in recognition of her significant and ongoing commitment to, and support for, the performing arts. 
In welcoming Zucaro to the Board of Trustees, Chairman Steven Camerino noted Zucaro’s long commitment to charitable and community organizations and his experience in the business community, particularly international trade and relations.  
“Alfred and his family’s commitment to non-profit organizations and their importance to the fabric of our communities is evident through the many groups and individuals they have touched. We are excited to have someone with Alfred’s business experience and international perspective join the board, and we look forward to his contributions as the University works to prepare students of all backgrounds to enter an increasingly complex world,” Camerino said.
The Board of Trustees meets at least three times a year, either in Rindge, NH, Manchester, NH, or Goodyear, AZ; most recently at the College at Rindge on October 21, 2016. 

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Al Zucaro appoints new editor in chief of BocaWatch

Al Zucaro Announced New Editor in Chief of BocaWatch Publication

Providing the citizens of Boca Raton with a platform their voices can be heard on is something Al Zucaro takes very seriously. As the publisher of BocaWatch, a community publication dedicated to protecting the area from overdevelopment, Zucaro has dedicated himself to keeping the residents informed.

The community has rallied behind BocaWatch and have positively responded to their presence in the area. Other residents who feel as strongly about safeguarding Boca’s future as Zuacro have also emerged to help run the organization. One of those residents, Andrea O’Rourke, has just been announced as the new Editor in Chief of BocaWatch.

Pictured: Andrea O'Rourke

Pictured: Andrea O’Rourke

As a longtime resident, Andrea has seen firsthand how Boca has transformed over the years. Her perspective on current happenings and dedication to spreading the messages of BocaWatch have made Andrea an invaluable asset to the publication. She provides a necessary balance for the other voices of BocaWatch.

Zucaro is sure that her level-minded and fair approach to presenting information about Boca Raton makes her the ideal choice to help steer BocaWatch in the right direction. She is constantly working to meet the organization’s goals of educating the people of Boca about the processes and activities of the local government.

“Andrea offers a historical perspective that will be very beneficial to the future of the platform.  Andrea will bring BocaWatch to the next level in informing and educating the residents of the activities of their local government,” said Al Zucaro in a press release.

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while the AILA is in favor of sanctuary cities, Boca lawyer Al Zucaro thinks they directly violate the law

Boca Lawyer Al Zucaro Opposes the AILA’s Stance in Favor of Sanctuary Cities

Though the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is strongly in favor of sanctuary cities within the United States, there are some members of the organization who do not agree with the stance. One of those adverse individuals is Al Zucaro, a Boca lawyer of immigration law and the co-founder of the Palm Beach Regional Center.  Zucaro adamantly believes that sanctuary cities are a direct violation of the law.

“Local governments that provide safe haven for criminal, illegal aliens should be held to some level of accountability for endangering the lives and safety of their residents,” said Al Zucaro.

Although the term has no legal meaning, a sanctuary city refers to a city in either the United States or Canada that has policies in place that shelter illegal immigrants. Cities that qualify usually do not allow for city funds and/or resources to go towards the enforcement of federal immigration laws, meaning local law enforcement cannot ask about the immigration status of a person(s) within the sanctuary city. The policy was enacted in Los Angeles in 1979 in order to stop police from asking arrested individuals their immigration status.

The AILA supports sanctuary cities because they do not feel like eliminating them is the right solution to illegal immigration, or to further preventing any crimes. The association feels that detaining people based solely on their immigration status is a violation of the fourth amendment which says law enforcement agencies or officers must have probable cause that a law has been broken to detain an individual.

In addition to Zucaro’s opposition to sanctuary cities, he does support the State of Florida’s House Bill 675, which states that local and state governmental agencies are required to abide by and support the enforcement of federal laws relating to immigration, as well as Florida Senate Bill 118, which prohibits “the presence within the state of persons subject to final deportation orders unless such orders have been stayed pending judicial review.”

Zucaro feels the argument that comprehensive immigration reform is needed does not excuse current laws from being enforced, and for any laws where reform is needed that such reform should be accomplished only through the legislative process.

“I do not believe that the notion of a “broken” immigration system is political justification for lawlessness.  We have federal laws on the books and they should be enforced with vigor; selective enforcement negates from the notion that we are a country of laws.  Congress makes the laws; the executive is sworn to uphold the laws, all the laws, not only the ones he/she likes,” concluded Al Zucaro.


Al Zucaro of Boca Raton is dedicated to making Palm Beach County a destination for international business

PBRC Co-Founder and Immigration Lawyer Al Zucaro Assists National Companies with EB-5 Program

Developing Palm Beach County into an international business and economic hub is an important goal for Al Zucaro. As an immigration lawyer in Boca Raton, Zucaro’s career is just the beginning of his mission to put the area on the map as a true destination for investors and economic growth. He has also co-founded the Palm Beach Regional Center to assist in the development of local industries to create jobs in the region, as well as to promote the area of Palm Beach County to members of the international community.

Established in 2008, the PBRC was the first regional center to be approved by the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) in Florida. Zucaro’s knowledge and experience spearheaded the initiatives to receive the recognition, and since the center has worked with individuals and businesses on several projects to highlight the region; one of which is the EB-5 program.

This program was designed to attract foreign investors who are seeking permanent residency within the United States by creating a course of actions that would result in direct and indirect jobs in the country. Al Zucaro has successfully provided financial assistance to two companies through the PBRC’s EB-5 Platform, the latest of which is Twin Peaks – a popular grill and bar.

Click here for more information on how Al Zucaro and the Palm Beach Regional Center supported these businesses through the processes of the EB-5 program, or visit the PBRC website. 

Al Zucaro has made it is objective to help others, whether it is through his work as an immigration lawyer in Boca or as the publisher of his community watch organization.

Al Zucaro: A Call to Action

Al Zucaro’s entire existence has been devoted to helping others. Throughout his career as an immigration lawyer in Boca Raton, as well as his role as a community watch dog, Al Zucaro has helped improve the lives of countless individual’s right in his own community.

As transients courageously make their way to the “Land of the Free” looking to improve their standard of health, happiness, and wealth, Zucaro works diligently to protect their rights while on the road to citizenship. He does this by creating economic business opportunities that lead to jobs sought out by a myriad of eager emigrants wanting to enhance their quality of life.

He is also dedicated to providing the citizens of his community, Boca Raton – with the chance to have their voices really heard by the local government. By creating, and maintaining a community organization known as BocaWatch with dedicated individuals who share his vision – like Andrea and George O’Rourke amongst others – Al Zucaro continues to cultivate a podium where he and fellow supporters can influence or change the status quo.

Wholeheartedly, Zucaro’s being is like the fight between David and Goliath…one individual taking on a large bureaucracy of government and hoping for the best.

Self-Actualization Feels Good

When asked about his greatest achievement in his career as an immigration and criminal lawyer, Mr. Zucaro was quite modest finding it difficult to respond. He then bashfully began to recall upon a “feel good” moment.

“I had a delightful experience when approached by an individual at a local grocery market. Thanking me for the help and assistance I provided, which allowed him to stay in the country, he was able to acquire and secure a well paying job with the opportunity of advancement. Radiating through his smile, his deep appreciation for success in America provided by my personal guidance, generated an overwhelming feeling of admiration. THAT is what it’s all about, beyond rewarding!”

Al Zucaro: Community Publisher

Al Zucaro has continued to provide a voice for those in his community and the surrounding area. He is currently the publisher of BocaWatch, an organization that’s purpose is to inform, educate, and promote conversation regarding Boca Raton’s local government.

He works side by side with other Boca Raton residents to produce, edit and distribute valuable information about the local government. This organization helps the community fully understand what is currently being considered to vote on, allowing citizens to have a say about what’s happening in their own backyard.

In a way, this is an extension of what Zucaro has always done in and around Palm Beach County: help, educate, and speak up for the individual by implementing a platform for a voice in a shared community we aim to better together.



Al Zucaro's mission is to make the area of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County an international business destination.

The World of Al Zucaro

Al Zucaro means business.

Recognized as a leading architect and visionary of South Florida’s Gateway to Global Markets through the development of international business in Palm Beach County, Al Zucaro of Boca Raton merits three decades of success. Due to his ideals for his community and the surrounding area, he continues to hold a major voice in the evolution of immigration reform and international economic development.

Mr. Zucaro has earned two consecutive acknowledgements in South FloridaCEO magazine as a member of the “101 Most Influential People in International Trade and Commerce.” Known as an innovator in merging private and public sectors towards international business development, his concepts have helped to create the growth of global infrastructure including immigration, finance, legal, accounting, logistics and shipping for Palm Beach.

Al Zucaro: The Early Days

Born and raised in the Bronx in upper New York City, known as America’s “melting pot,” Al Zucaro was raised in the world of multi-culturalism. His early appreciation of different humanities followed him through his educational years (including Fordham University – where he graduated Magna Cum Laude – and Nova University Law School) continuing to his first appointment as immigration representative from the Haitian Refugee Center in Miami. During this time he was representing Haitian refugees in immigration court on political asylum cases.

Taking Up the Fight: The Body Politic

Following his Haitian refugee experience, in 1987 Zucaro returned to West Palm Beach opening a law practice focusing on immigration and criminal law for the foreign worker. During this time he was also publishing a weekly newsletter, called Crimmigration, which focused on the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.

Over the next three decades his practice evolved to representing students, business people, those with corporate interests, and investors seeking to acquire legal status and remain in the United States. Currently his practice focuses on foreign investment capital, the EB-5 visa processes.

Fighting for the rights of individuals put Zucaro on the path for local politics. In 1995 he was elected to the West Palm Beach City Commission later becoming a member of the Tourist Development Council and the Economic Council of Palm Beach County. His election along with his appointments provided him the platform to successfully establish Palm Beach County as an international business destination.

The Process of Job Development

The political success of creating an international community in Palm Beach County allowed Zucaro the opportunity to collaborate with economic development groups throughout the state including Enterprise Florida, FEIVR (Florida’s Visa Policy and   Reform Group) as well as the World Trade Center Association—in Miami and New York City.

Awarded the rights to purchase the license and establish the World Trade Center Palm Beach, Al Zucaro further defined himself, and his community, as a major player in international trade and business. Chairman of the WTC Palm Beach, he has forged relationships with Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and many others – further enhancing Palm Beach County’s position as a “gateway city” for global development.

Travels with the Governor

Following his political and private sector success, Zucaro worked with Governor Jeb Bush in the creation of the “bio-tech corridor” on the east coast of Florida promoting Palm Beach County as a globally recognized “medical innovation center” with the attraction of California’s Scripps to the FAU campus in the northern end of the county.

Zucaro also traveled with Governor Bush to Munich, Germany and Basil, Switzerland with the aim to attract the Scripps Research Center’s expansion to Palm Beach County.  He also traveled with Governors Chile and Crist on international economic missions organized by Enterprise Florida.

In Demand: Speaking Loud and Clear

Al Zucaro’s career has been one of promoting individual rights for the immigrant seeking to settle in South Florida, along with the creation of international business opportunities that leads to economic success for his community. One simply cannot survive without the other.

As a leader in this arena, Mr. Zucaro is a highly sought after advisor and speaker on a range of topics germane to globalization: immigration law, international trade and business development. In short, it is Mr. Zucaro who creates the environment of success for his community.