Al Zucaro, Jr.,

Esq.Member, Florida Bar


Al Zucaro Jr. is one of south Florida’s most captivating voices on international trade and commerce, especially in relation to immigration law and migration strategy. Founder of the World Trade Center Palm Beach in 1999, Zucaro was named one of the 101 most influential people in International Trade and Commerce by South Florida CEO magazine two years in a row.

Since 1986, Zucaro has practiced immigration and nationality law in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County. Zucaro’s leadership skills and expertise extend well beyond the courtroom. From March 1995 through November 2002, he was elected to the West Palm Beach City Commission. During this period, Zucaro helped establish the identity of Palm Beach County as an international business destination.

As a member of the Tourist Development Council (2000-2001) and the Economic Council of Palm Beach County (2001-2005), Zucaro has also been instrumental in raising the area’s profile in global affairs. Over the years, Zucaro has also worked relentlessly to inform and encourage other elected officials to lend their voice and support to hemispheric and global free trade agreements. He has participated with Enterprise Florida’s efforts to determine the negative economic impacts of the United States’ restrictive visa policies on Florida’s economy. He is also active with FEIVR, Florida Visa Policy and Immigration Reform group, working to further the state’s public policies in comprehensive immigration reform.

As Chairman of the World Trade Center Palm Beach, Zucaro is continually forging alliances between local and international entities. A tireless advocate of global commerce, he has organized trade delegations to a number of different countries including Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Mexico. Zucaro has worked with industry and community leaders to help establish a strategic relationship attracting the bio-tech industry, and is currently working to advance Boca Raton and Palm Beach County as a globally recognized medical innovation center. Al has traveled from Boca Raton on international missions to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, Columbia and Mexico participating in international business development for Palm Beach County and the south Florida region. He had also met with officials from the City and Port of San Diego for discussions on public/private opportunities with the WTC San Diego in the early days of attracting Scripps to the FAU campus in northern Palm Beach County.  Al accompanied Enterprise Florida’s Governor Bush-led bioscience recruitment mission to Germany and Switzerland and is actively participating in international business development for the Palm Beach and South Florida region. Click here to view Palm Beach County’s Economic Summit report.

Al Zucaro is also a frequent speaker throughout Boca Raton and South Florida on the topics of international trade, immigration law, and business development opportunities. Zucaro established the Palm Beach Regional Center in 2008 to capture Foreign Direct Investment to the south Florida region; and with international tax attorney Richard Lehmen formed the U.S. Tax and Immigration law firm to assist foreign nationals in their U.S. investment strategies.

Among others efforts, he has participated in events organized by the Florida Association of RealtorsPalm Beach County Realtors AssociationEnterprise Florida, Palm Beach County Business Development Board, Convention and Visitor Bureau (now Discover Palm Beach), the Palm Beach county Film and Television commission, Palm Beach County Economic Development OfficeCity of West Palm BeachCity of Riviera BeachCity of Belle GladePort of Palm Beach, Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, and U.S. Export Assistance Center.