Al Zucaro's mission is to make the area of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County an international business destination.

The World of Al Zucaro

Al Zucaro means business.

Recognized as a leading architect and visionary of South Florida’s Gateway to Global Markets through the development of international business in Palm Beach County, Al Zucaro of Boca Raton merits three decades of success. Due to his ideals for his community and the surrounding area, he continues to hold a major voice in the evolution of immigration reform and international economic development.

Mr. Zucaro has earned two consecutive acknowledgements in South FloridaCEO magazine as a member of the “101 Most Influential People in International Trade and Commerce.” Known as an innovator in merging private and public sectors towards international business development, his concepts have helped to create the growth of global infrastructure including immigration, finance, legal, accounting, logistics and shipping for Palm Beach.

Al Zucaro: The Early Days

Born and raised in the Bronx in upper New York City, known as America’s “melting pot,” Al Zucaro was raised in the world of multi-culturalism. His early appreciation of different humanities followed him through his educational years (including Fordham University – where he graduated Magna Cum Laude – and Nova University Law School) continuing to his first appointment as immigration representative from the Haitian Refugee Center in Miami. During this time he was representing Haitian refugees in immigration court on political asylum cases.

Taking Up the Fight: The Body Politic

Following his Haitian refugee experience, in 1987 Zucaro returned to West Palm Beach opening a law practice focusing on immigration and criminal law for the foreign worker. During this time he was also publishing a weekly newsletter, called Crimmigration, which focused on the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.

Over the next three decades his practice evolved to representing students, business people, those with corporate interests, and investors seeking to acquire legal status and remain in the United States. Currently his practice focuses on foreign investment capital, the EB-5 visa processes.

Fighting for the rights of individuals put Zucaro on the path for local politics. In 1995 he was elected to the West Palm Beach City Commission later becoming a member of the Tourist Development Council and the Economic Council of Palm Beach County. His election along with his appointments provided him the platform to successfully establish Palm Beach County as an international business destination.

The Process of Job Development

The political success of creating an international community in Palm Beach County allowed Zucaro the opportunity to collaborate with economic development groups throughout the state including Enterprise Florida, FEIVR (Florida’s Visa Policy and   Reform Group) as well as the World Trade Center Association—in Miami and New York City.

Awarded the rights to purchase the license and establish the World Trade Center Palm Beach, Al Zucaro further defined himself, and his community, as a major player in international trade and business. Chairman of the WTC Palm Beach, he has forged relationships with Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and many others – further enhancing Palm Beach County’s position as a “gateway city” for global development.

Travels with the Governor

Following his political and private sector success, Zucaro worked with Governor Jeb Bush in the creation of the “bio-tech corridor” on the east coast of Florida promoting Palm Beach County as a globally recognized “medical innovation center” with the attraction of California’s Scripps to the FAU campus in the northern end of the county.

Zucaro also traveled with Governor Bush to Munich, Germany and Basil, Switzerland with the aim to attract the Scripps Research Center’s expansion to Palm Beach County.  He also traveled with Governors Chile and Crist on international economic missions organized by Enterprise Florida.

In Demand: Speaking Loud and Clear

Al Zucaro’s career has been one of promoting individual rights for the immigrant seeking to settle in South Florida, along with the creation of international business opportunities that leads to economic success for his community. One simply cannot survive without the other.

As a leader in this arena, Mr. Zucaro is a highly sought after advisor and speaker on a range of topics germane to globalization: immigration law, international trade and business development. In short, it is Mr. Zucaro who creates the environment of success for his community.